Black Talon Security Donated $250,000 worth of cybersecurity services to more than half of all state dental associations.

Black Talon Security, a NY-based national cybersecurity firm, has donated $250,000 of complimentary cybersecurity services and software licenses to more than half of state dental associations.

Given the success of this cybersecurity initiative, Black Talon is extending the offer to sign up state and national dental associations for its services, free of charge, through the end of Q1 2023.

Following the cyberattack against the American Dental Association, many state associations were concerned about the security of their organizations. According to Gary Salman, chief executive officer of Black Talon Security, this offering represents his company’s way of supporting and protecting the dental community throughout the country.

“Preventing the theft of data and preserving business continuity must be a primary focus for all dental associations,” said Salman. “The average cyberattack will force an organization to shut down for two weeks as well as have a negative impact on its reputation and credibility. This does not even factor in the potential for ransomware attacks which could cost anywhere from $30,000 up to millions of dollars.”

Black Talon is offering dental associations the following services to help identify vulnerabilities on computers and firewalls that hackers use to gain unauthorized access to networks and data:

  • External Penetration Test performed by a Black Talon ethical hacker to help determine the overall security of the environment
  • Black Talon Academy which contains various training modules to help employees identify email and internet-based threats
  • Security Risk Assessment to evaluate how and where hackers may attack
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) based threat detection known as Extended Detection and Response (XDR) for all computers and servers
  • Real-Time Internal Vulnerability Management and Daily Firewall Scans
  • EAGLEi Security Portal – a real-time security portal that allows users to see security data in a central, easy-to-access location
  • Dedicated Project Managers – a team of project managers who will assist in the overall security process to ensure successful implementation
  • Virtual Chief Information Security Officer (vCISO) who will help protect an organization’s infrastructure, data and people so that a full-time CISO does not need to be hired

Black Talon Security secures 25,000 devices across the country and has trained more than 13,000 business professionals, many of which are in the dental and healthcare industries, on current cyber threats including ransomware, phishing emails and social engineering.

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