Benco is partnering with Overjet to bring the company’s machine learning dental AI to a larger audience of dental professionals.

A new partnership was announced between Benco Dental, an independent distributor of oral healthcare technology and supplies, and Overjet, a provider of dental AI.

Overjet offers an FDA-cleared dental artificial intelligence platform that can accurately deliver clinical insights to improve quality of patient care and practice performance.

Through the collaboration with Benco, this software will now be accessible to dentists across the U.S.

“Doctors have embraced Benco as a trusted innovation pipeline, and Overjet is leading a machine learning revolution that, in the simplest terms, liberates them from the considerable workflow inefficiencies and clinical disadvantages of being their own radiologists,” said Chuck Cohen, Benco Dental managing director. “We’re excited to help speed the adoption of tech advances across oral healthcare, and our customer base has supported this commitment by investing nearly one in every four dollars they spend on the latest advances.”

Overjet increases the diagnostic precision and accuracy of dentists through advanced machine learning methods which analyze the content of dental radiographs and identify and quantify important findings.

The platform can increase case acceptance through heightened patient education and automate administrative tasks by detecting coding and billing errors.

It can also increase productivity through the identification of treatment opportunities.

“This partnership is bringing two best-in-class companies together to improve oral health for all through innovation,” said Wardah Inam, PhD, chief executive officer and co-founder of Overjet. ”The combination of Overjet’s powerful dental AI and Benco’s expansive dental distribution network will further accelerate the digital transformation of AI in dentistry.”

Photo: Wardah Inam courtesy of Overjet