With ransomware attacks on the rise, Carestream Dental is offering a webinar to help dental professionals protect patient data.

Carestream Dental is hosting a webinar examining the risks of ransomware attacks and offers advice on how dental professionals can protect their practices.

Gary Salman, chief executive officer and co-founder of Black Talon Security, will talk about how to intercept, block, and stop ransomware attacks from happening.

In the past year, ransomware attacks have hurt the dental community, shutting down practices of all sizes for weeks. Over 75% of the time, ransomware attacks result in patient data theft with costs that can exceed $200,000.

According to Carestream, if a ransom is not paid, patient information and images are auctioned for sale on the dark web.

Protecting a practice from ransomware is complicated. According to Carestream, cloud backups, firewalls, and antivirus software alone can not stop data theft or most ransomware strains.

Salman will teach attendees the technologies, methodologies, and training that should be in place to protect data. He will examine the impact of a cyberattack and explain how hackers steal data and sell it.

He will also explain the difference between IT and cybersecurity companies and the need for specialization when combating ransomware.

The webinar takes place on December 8, at 7 PM EDT. Attendees for the live event will be eligible to earn CE credits.

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