Dr Fagala’s children’s book is a celebration of patients and is being offered as a customizable book that can be tailored to any practice.

Kyle Fagala, DDS, MDS, has written a new children’s book, All the Best Faces Wear Braces, that can be customized to any practice.

The book of orthodontic-inspired children’s rhymes was developed in coordination with Neon Canvas, a digital marketing company Fagala co-founded in 2016 with Alex Rasmussen, and illustrated by nationally syndicated cartoonist Greg Cravens.

Fagala and Neon Canvas created the book to be customizable to other orthodontic practices.

It is available in paperback or hardcover (with silver foil braces on the cover) and will include the doctor’s name on the cover, logos in multiple spots, customizable practice information, and a custom caricature of the doctor(s).

“This book is a celebration of the unique individuals who choose to be a patient at our practice,” said Fagala. “Our job is all about putting a perfect smile on someone’s face, and I think All the Best Faces Wear Braces complements that idea quite well.”

The company is offering the customizable book to its current client roster for the first 30 days and plans to open it up to other groups. However, Fagala is limiting distribution to one per market.

“This was too good of an idea for us to keep all to ourselves,” said Fagala. “We debuted the book at the AAO meeting and it’s already getting a tremendous response.”

Fagala is a frequent public speaker about orthodontic social media and digital marketing. He is a course director and lecturer at the University of Tennessee Health Science Center, host of The Digital Orthodontist: Live video podcast, and drummer for Relapse, a band made up entirely of orthodontists that recently performed in front of an audience of 2,000 at the American Association for Orthodontists annual meeting in Miami.

Photo courtesy of Dr Fagala