Ormco DamonSmile optOrmco Corp, Orange, Calif, has introduced Damon® Smile, the new consumer-facing name for the company’s Damon® System. According to the company, “The rebranding approach is part of Ormco’s mission to help orthodontists achieve their clinical and practice management objectives, as the new name enhances the consumer appeal of the Damon System and aids with increasing patient starts.

“Ormco is committed to driving more patients into our customers’ doors—the new Damon Smile branding further advances our efforts to elevate consumer awareness around the remarkable advantages of orthodontic treatment with the same clinically-proven Damon System,” said Vicente Reynal, president of Ormco. “The word smile is not only relatable, it builds an emotional connection among patients and we’re confident our doctors will be able to capitalize on this connection when integrating the Damon Smile brand into their consultation and practice marketing strategies.”

According to the company, an independent study found that the new Damon Smile name is more consumer-friendly and encourages prospective patients to think more about improving their smiles. With the launch of Damon Smile, Ormco will be rolling out an aggressive consumer education campaign, which involves dedicated public relations programs, to drive prospective patients to Damon Doctor offices. Exclusive to Ormco customers, Damon Smile assets, including a new lobby video, will be available through the company’s online practice marketing resource, www.marketing.ormco.com.

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