Competition for new orthodontic patients has become more intense. At the same time, many prospective patients (or their parents) have become more cautious about how, where, and when they spend their money. The result is a growing number of “ortho shoppers.” To win them over to your practice, you and your team should follow these steps:

1. Begin making your case with the first phone call.

When a prospective patient or parent contacts your office for the first time, your script-trained front desk coordinator should be able to build value, gather information, and schedule an appointment in just a few minutes.

2. Appoint callers within 7 days.

If you leave too much time between the first call and the initial visit, you risk losing the patient to another practice.

3. Ensure that their first visit makes a great impression.

Your office should project all the right qualities and your team—alerted at the morning meeting about who’s coming in that day for a consult—should project warmth, energy, and professionalism.

4. Train your Treatment Coordinator (TC) with scripts to handle most of the presentation.

It requires quite a bit of skill to make an excellent case presentation, so providing quality training for your TC is a wise investment.

5. Emphasize benefits of treatment.

Both you and your TC should promote the benefits of treatment at your practice, minimizing technical talk and laying the groundwork for a mutually beneficial relationship.

6. Explain how your payment options make treatment more affordable.

Even if unspoken, the big question in many patients’ and parents’ minds is “What’s this going to cost?” Ortho shoppers tend to be price shoppers, so be sure to mention that you enhance affordability by offering a range of financing options, including ones that feature a low down payment.

7. Be prepared to follow up.

Even if you know patients and parents intend to continue ortho shopping, don’t give up. Offer to answer any questions that come up, talk to a spouse, whatever it takes to help. Then call. Often, hearing from you again will turn a prospect into a new patient.

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