Ortho2, Ames, Iowa, has launched Edge Portal, an iPad-compatible product that provides access to the Edge practice-management system over the Internet via computer, tablet, or Web-enabled mobile device.

Edge Portal features two options for orthodontists: Edge Portal Personal and Edge Portal Premium. The Personal version provides live access to patient and responsible party biographical information, financials, appointments, images, treatment charts, and reports. It features a dashboard view, allowing users to view several items at once.

Edge Portal Premium provides the same access of Edge Portal Personal, while also giving patients, responsible parties, and consulting physicians 24/7 customized access to appropriate information and their own individualized dashboard views. Users can check the time, procedure, and reminder of their next appointment, and can also view their balance and make credit card and ACH payments. Colleagues can access Edge Portal Premium to refer to treatment chart information, expected appliance removal dates, and images for mutual patients. They can also consult on cases.

Edge Portal is available for all Edge users.

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