DentalEZ® Group, Lancaster, Pa, recently celebrated the 100th anniversary of its StarDental® product line. To mark the occasion, the Lancaster Chamber of Commerce and Industry presented a plaque to DentalEZ for its commitment to the community.

“We are as committed today as we were 100 years ago to establishing new industry standards for design, quality, and service to the community and our industry,” said Jeffrey Perelman, president of DentalEZ. “We hope to be of service here in Lancaster for 100 more years.”

In the past 100 years, the StarDental line has introduced many new technologies, including the LubeFree™ handpiece, the built-in handpiece light source, and the sonic scaler. The StarDental line features the Solara® and 430® Series of lubricated and LubeFree high-speed handpieces; the NuTorque® and NuTorque® Lite programmable electric handpiece systems; and the Identafi®, an oral cancer screening device.

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