Komet USA, Rock Hill, SC, introduces instruments developed to help orthodontists remove tough adhesive residue.

Created in cooperation with Ralf Radlanski, DDS, at the University of Berlin, the instruments remove adhesive quickly, and thanks to their special toothing, without damaging the enamel, according to the company. At low contact pressure, the instruments operate with low vibration and achieve smooth surfaces while generating minimal heat. The twisted blades, made from durable tungsten carbide, are suited for precise reduction of soft materials and assure smooth operation and treatment comfort.

These instruments are available in three different forms: H22ALGK.204.016, H22ALGK.314.016, and H379AGK.314.023. In order to avoid the risk of damaging the gingiva, all adhesive removers are provided with smooth, noncutting tips, and the safety chamfer at the head end eliminates the formation of grooves. The tapered instrument is available for contra-angle and turbine handpieces. The H22ALGK is specifically designed for canines and long anterior teeth, and the egg-shaped (H379AGK) instrument is suited for the palatinal reduction of adhesive when using the lingual technique.

For more information, call (800) 208-1630 or visit www.komet-usa.com.