On the Market

New adhesives, software, and handpieces

Color-Changing Adhesive

Ormco, Orange, Calif, introduces Grengloo™, a two-way color-changing adhesive for metal brackets. Grengloo’s formula allows for long working time in ambient light and also has a quick-cure feature. Grengloo can cure in as little as 5 seconds. The adhesive also features a patented formula that increases impact resistance by 118%, according to the company. Grengloo features “on demand” color contrast. Green at bonding for flash removal, Grengloo turns clear as it warms to body temperature during treatment. At debonding, clinicians simply apply a short blast of cool air or water to the treatment area to turn Grengloo green again for easy and thorough cleanup.

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Sterilization Center

Sirona Dental Systems, Charlotte, NC, offers the Sirona by Kappler Instrument Treatment Center (ITC), a complete sterilization center designed so the entire practice team can follow every phase of instrument sterilization, regardless of the instrument organization method used. The ITC stations and modules, designed for each phase of instrument sterilization, can be configured to suit the specific needs and characteristics of any practice. The ITC’s hands-free controls automate many of the traditionally manual operations found in the sterilization process. Controls include foot-activated, low-voltage, electric motor-driven doors for safety and easy access; a touchless soap dispenser with motion sensor; foot-activated faucets; an intensity- and pattern-adjustable sprayer controlled independently from the faucet; and large-capacity wrapping stations. As the instruments move through the various ITC stations and modules, they are put through a four-phase sterilization process, which includes receiving, cleaning, decontaminating, preparing, packaging, sterilizing, and storing. Hazardous waste disposal, rinsing, instrument lubricating, wrapping, and staging also occur seamlessly throughout the entire sterilization process, and comply with all CDC, ADA, and OSHA recommendations and guidelines.

Sirona Dental Systems
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Product Catalog

LeoneAmerica, Avondale, Ariz, introduces Orthomart, a 28-page mini-catalog that includes product information on the company’s brackets, bands, and Slide Ligature Pads. The catalog also features Torko Expansors, with increased arm length for easier torque control.

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Software Module

Dolphin Imaging and Management Solutions, Chatsworth, Calif, introduces the Zuelke Financial Expert™ software module. Created in collaboration with Paul Zuelke and his team at Zuelke & Associates, the module consists of a suite of tools to help practitioners manage financial delinquencies, payment promises, and account collection. The Zuelke Financial Expert features an account-management screen, a collection history screen, enhanced reporting and financial forensics, Zuelke Statement Templates™, and Zuelke Collection Letters. The module integrates with existing systems.

Dolphin Imaging & Management Solutions
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Dental Cart

DentalEZ® Group, Malvern, Pa, introduces two dental carts, the NextGen Duo Cart and the Assistant Cart. Both carts reduce preparation and cleanup time, and provide an over-the-lap work surface for the assistant. The carts are built on an H-frame base with four dual-wheel casters, which allow them to be mobile for access of high-tech products. The over-the-lap work surface of the NextGen Duo cart is equipped with doctor and assistant instrumentation that glides from left to right. The NextGen Assistant Cart is equipped with the assistant’s instrumentation only, but shares the ergonomic benefits of the Duo cart. The doctor’s instrumentation houses four built-in operatory tools. The assistant’s hangar includes a solids collector. A handpiece flush system, an oil collector for handpiece exhaust, and an integrated automatic pinch valve system are built in. Both carts are customizable.

DentalEZ Group
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Mouth Mirror

Defend, Hauppauge, NY, introduces its MirrorLite™ double-sided illuminated mouth mirror. MirrorLite features two back-to-back, fog-free, front-surfaced mirrors that illuminate and retract at the same time. The contra-angle design makes it useful in the posterior region.

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Rubber Dam

Great Lakes Orthodontics, Tonawanda, NY, offers its OptraDam®, which combines the benefits of a lip and cheek retractor with the isolation of a traditional rubber dam. With its patented inner-ring design, OptraDam allows patients to maintain full mobility of their jaw throughout the procedure. OptraDam is made of a soft latex material that is flexible and anatomically shaped for patient comfort. Metal clamps and additional dam frames are not required. OptraDam is available in regular and small sizes.

Great Lakes Orthodontics
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Practice Software

Adstra Systems, Toronto, offers an orthodontic module as part of its Practice Made Perfect® software program. The module allows clinicians to plan and track all aspects of orthodontic treatment, including billing. It features an orthodontic treatment plan screen, which includes procedure descriptions and financial arrangements. It also allows the user to print the plan and generate charges. By “accepting” the plan, the clinician is able to automatically charge the patient for the initial payment. Also included are an orthodontic treatment log and a monthly charges button that allows users to automatically charge the monthly fees for all patients who have a payment due in the current month.

Adstra Systems
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Push-Button Handpiece

Henry Schein Dental, Melville, NY, offers its lightweight Master Push-Button Handpiece, which delivers high torque with 350,000 to 400,000 rpm at 25 to 30 psi. The Push-Button Handpiece does not require separate tools for bur replacement. It is fully autoclavable and has a four-hole option.

Henry Schein Dental
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Cotton-Filled Sponges

Defend, Hauppauge, NY, has added 20% more cotton to its cotton-filled gauze sponges. The pure white, eight-ply sponges are shred-resistant and made of 100% cotton-filled USP gauze. The 2- x 2-inch pads are available sterile or non-sterile and come 5,000 ina case.

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Reverse-Curve Archwire

G&H Wire Co, Franklin, Ind, introduces its Damon Compatible Reverse Curve archform with preloaded stops. Manufactured from G4™ Nickel Titanium, the Reverse Curve archwire is available in Europa™II archform, which is specifically designed for Damon Compatible applications. The intrusive, unraveling, and leveling forces created by reverse-curve archforms strain nickel titanium to deformation.

G&H Wire Co
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Orthodontic Plier

Dentronix, Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio, introduces its Mini-Size Flush Cut & Safety Hold Distal End Cutter for NiTi Wires. The plier is small enough to reach into the posterior and is designed to hold even the smallest wires securely. It holds NiTi wires from .010-inches to .018-inches. The E200SNT is ideal for dry heat sterilization and autoclaves. The gold handle makes it easy to identify the NiTi Cutter.

Dentronix Inc
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Aligner System

Great Lakes Orthodontics Laboratory, Tonawanda, NY, offers its Smart Move Invisible Hard/Soft Aligner System for anterior tooth alignment. The Smart Move concept of two aligners per setup consists of a hard/soft aligner and a hard aligner. The first aligner is fabricated of the company’s exclusive 1.3-mm Invisacryl hard/soft material.The material’s elastic soft consistency is designed for easy seating, patient comfort, and maximum tooth movement. The second aligner, made of hard 1-mm Invisacryl, is ideal for retention and minor movement.Each aligner is worn for 2 to 3 weeks, depending on the case.One impression can provide up to three setups and 3 mm of movement.

Great Lakes Orthodontics Laboratory
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