The AAO is reminding members of its staffing resources in celebration of Orthodontic Staff Appreciation Day.

On June 7, Orthodontic Staff Appreciation Day, staff across the country were recognized for their hard work and dedication. The American Association of Orthodontists (AAO) is reminding members that Orthodontic Staff Appreciation Day is a chance to celebrate the team members who are essential to the success of orthodontic practices.

“Our staff is the heart of our practice,” said Myron Guymon, DDS, AAO president. “They are dedicated to providing our patients with the best possible care, and they deserve our thanks and appreciation.”

Orthodontics is a growing field with rewarding careers for clinical, business, and administrative positions. Working in an orthodontic office is not just a job but a rewarding career that provides the satisfaction of helping patients improve their smiles, their dental health, and their self-esteem.

The AAO website is also an excellent resource to learn more about orthodontic staff careers and to find local area jobs.

Additionally, the AAO has developed digital resources and tools to assist orthodontists in finding new employees for their practices. The online toolkit provides job posting tips, customizable job templates, and marketing materials.

Orthodontists can use social media posts, an email template, a downloadable poster, a direct mail piece, and other options to spread the word about job opportunities. The AAO Store also offers a Career Fair Toolkit that is available for purchase.

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