Dental staffing platform onDiem is now offering temp dental workers on its platform a PPO health insurance plan.

Dental staffing platform onDiem announced that it is now offering a PPO health insurance plan for temp dental workers.

onDiem’s latest launch, in partnership with UnitedHealthcare, is part of the company’s larger strategy to drastically improve hiring, recruitment, and production for dental practices and DSOs in the midst of a serious dental staffing shortage.

According to a study by the Health Policy Institute, American Dental Hygienists Association, and the Dental Assisting National Board, 32.6% of dental hygienists and 29.8% of dental assistants who voluntarily left the field cited “inadequate benefits” as the reason for their departure.

“The research is clear. When temp dental workers feel adequately cared for, they are more likely to become reliable, dependable, and invaluable team members for practices and DSOs across the country,” affirmed Joe Fogg, founder and chief executive officer of onDiem. “I’m thrilled that onDiem is the first dental staffing company to provide healthcare access, because it’s simply the right thing to do. It also opens the door to a larger question and conversation: How can practices think of ‘temp staffing’ more strategically?”

onDiem’s healthcare offering is part of the platform’s specific approach to staffing: Improve hiring, retention, and production by transforming temporary staffing into complementary staffing.

“Our dental practices and DSOs have seen tremendous upticks in production, just by choosing to see ‘temps’ as more than just occasional fillers for empty seats,” said Fogg. “We encourage our practices to see all the possibilities. How much additional revenue can you realize when you strategically leverage your temps—your complementary workers, we like to say—to open on evenings and weekends? What growth is possible when you maximize production through a properly ‘blended’ staff of both complementary and permanent employees?”

In addition to healthcare, dental professionals who book jobs through onDiem can already access a suite of benefits including malpractice insurance and workers’ comp insurance.

Professionals automatically earn up to $250 in Care Benefits (which cover health- and wellness-related expenses) and an hour of PTO per 24 hours worked, which can be applied toward healthcare to bring premiums down to as low as $112 per month. onDiem will also continue to provide their ACA-compliant fixed indemnity plan through Essential StaffCARE, which provides coverage for day-to-day medical expenses.

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