onDiem announced the launch of its new real-time, on-demand staffing platform. Serving dental practices and dental professionals, including specialty practices like orthodontics, onDiem connects employers to pre-vetted employees to fill staffing shortfalls. 

These employees are covered by malpractice and workers’ comp insurance through onDiem, and have the option to participate in a group healthcare plan after working just one shift. 

The platform provides dentists and other dental specialists, dental hygienists, dental assistants, and front office professionals with both temporary and permanent staffing opportunities. 

According to the company, with a free account, practices can create posts for new temp shifts, search for professionals in their area, and communicate with candidates directly. 

The company, which operates nationally, says it sets itself apart from other staffing platforms by classifying its pool of temporary staff as onDiem employees, not contractors. According to the company, this allows professionals to take advantage of employer-paid taxes, insurance coverage, and healthcare benefits. For a weekly premium, onDiem professionals start a 6-week span of health insurance coverage after just one shift. If they do not work again for 5 weeks, coverage expires, but if the need for medical care arises before the cut-off, employees can opt to pay back those weeks’ premiums. 

“Technology makes the alignment of employee availability and practice needs easier, but we knew that true innovation in the space needed to be about more than good code. Extending healthcare benefits is the right thing to do because it re-centers dental professionals as healthcare providers who shouldn’t need to be distracted by limits to their own coverage when providing care to others,” said Joe Fogg, CEO of onDiem.