The webinar explores the two main areas of exposure to a practice: employees and lease agreements. 

Henry Schein Dental Academy is hosting a webinar that examines how dental practices can protect themselves from embezzlement.

Embezzlement expert David Harris and dental lease negotiation and real estate expert Eric Pook look into dental practice risk management and protection through 2 of the main areas of exposure in your business: your employees and your lease agreement.

The session will explore the mind of a thief and answer why some people steal.

Harris will offer 3 steps that every practice owner can take to protect themselves from embezzlement.

Pook will talk about the 5 time bombs ticking away in a lease and what it could mean for a business. He will also examine 100,000 leasing traps that doctors should avoid.

The webinar will also provide a negotiation case study and offer advice on avoiding costly problems. 

The webinar takes place on February 9 at 8 PM ET.

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