According to an [removed]announcement[/removed] from AFP Imaging, Elmsford, NY, dental practitioners in Georgia and South Carolina can now offer their patients a new mobile dental radiology service. 3D Mobile Imaging of the CSRA is the only mobile NewTom Cone Beam 3D (CB3D) Imaging company in the area to offer CB3D service in the dentist’s office. The mobile imaging approach eliminates the need for a referrals to an off-site imaging center.

The new service is an alternative to the traditional "brick and mortar" dental imaging center and offers less radiation than a medical CT scan, according to the company. The NewTom CB3D uses Safe Beam technology, which automatically adjusts radiation based on the patient’s size.

The NewTom VG unit provides life-size cross-sectional images of the mandible and maxilla to allow orthodontists to assess the quality and quantity of bone. Other applications include analysis for TMJ, orthodontics, maxillofacial surgery, and airway assessment to help diagnose obstructive sleep disorder.