The Midmark Extraoral Imaging System product line includes 2D panoramic and 3D CBCT imaging devices and is designed for improved staff adoption.

Midmark has released the new Midmark Extraoral Imaging System (EOIS) product line, including 2D panoramic and 3D CBCT imaging X-ray devices with cephalometric add-on options.

Designed, assembled, and supported by Midmark in the US, the EOIS product line is designed to simplify workflows of panoramic and CBCT imaging.

Midmark designed its EOIS units with general dentistry in mind, providing intuitive controls and software for improved staff adoption and keeping the footprint of the unit small to make it easy to fit into existing spaces.

To offer flexibility for the practice, doctors can start with the EOIS 2D panoramic unit and later upgrade to 3D CBCT technology to support expanded services. An optional cephalometric extension is compatible with both 2D and 3D EOIS units.

“The EOIS product line provides clear, high-quality radiographic images in a variety of clinical situations,” said Mark Greenwood, vice president of imaging product development for Midmark. “When enhanced detail is necessary in endodontics, using a limited field of view provides images capable of identifying missed canals and features associated with root fractures. The field of view can also be adjusted to cover scans of a single jaw or both jaws at the high resolution necessary to: assess bone prior to precisely placing the implant, determine location and extension of pathologies, evaluate unerupted and impacted teeth, assess oral and maxillofacial injury, and identify airway obstructions.”

The Midmark EOIS Cephalometric Extension can be added to either the left or right side of an EOIS 2D or 3D unit, expanding orthodontic care from diagnosis, treatment planning, and monitoring to include pre- and post-operative appraisal.

To help clinicians become proficient in capturing and enhancing diagnostic images to gain insight into better treatment plans, Midmark offers support through professional in-office or live, online training, downloadable training materials, and additional custom training and support opportunities.

“Our professional training scales to the customer’s needs, ensuring they know how to use the EOIS 3D unit in ways that can help them take their practice further while providing the best possible patient care,” said Lisa Thompson, manager of dental clinical services for Midmark. “Our clinical educators are here to make sure the dental team is ready and able to support the practice and ensure the lead clinicians can train others to use EOIS effectively in the future. We understand that some customers require more training than others, and we are ready to meet the needs of any size practice, no matter where they are in the digital dentistry journey.”

Photo courtesy of Midmark