DIQUAD LLC will use Kodak Dental Films in the DIQUAD Analyzer, an innovative product that enables dental professionals to ensure the quality of their dental radiographs while minimizing x-ray doses to patients and practice staff. 

As part of the partnership, DIQUAD will include specially packaged Kodak Dental Films with its analyzer to foster quality, reliability, and ease of use when using the product. The unique dual-film packet contains both a Kodak Ultra-Speed Dental Film and Kodak Insight Dental Film. 

Each analyzer also contains a dosimeter, with special filters, to provide dose and beam quality information. Image quality is analyzed by DIQUAD and combined with the dose and beam quality information to provide practices with a comprehensive report covering nine image-quality and dose-measurement values including image sharpness, film contrast, density, base and fog level, processor quality, patient dose, and more, for either film or digital images. 

Each personalized report indicates if the facility meets the established criteria for each measurement. Reports highlight items that do not pass predetermined criteria and quality standards, and offer guidance on how to correct reported problems.

"We are dedicated to improving image quality and film processing in dentistry while lowering patient dose," said DIQUAD founder Joel E. Gray, PhD. "Kodak Dental Film is the best in the industry, and the unique dual-film packet enables any dental practice to easily use the analyzer regardless of what film the office is using for clinical imaging."

For more information on the DIQUAD Analyzer and consultative services, call (866) 498-1662 or visit www.diquad.com.

For more information on Kodak Dental Systems products, visit www.kodakdental.com.