DEXIS and SprintRay announced an integration arrangement that will integrate DEXIS intraoral scanners and SpirtRay Cloud Design Services.

DEXIS IOS, DTX Studio Clinic, the company’s open, integrated dental software suite, and SprintRay have announced a joint commercial and integration arrangement to enhance the digital dental workflow.

The collaboration will integrate DEXIS intraoral scanners and SprintRay Cloud Design Services through DTX Studio Clinic, simplifying the design and fabrication of various dental indications such as models, crowns, bridges, and surgical guides for in-house printing.

The arrangement aims to provide more efficient, accurate, and predictable workflows, ultimately leading to improved patient care.

DEXIS IOS and SprintRay have collaborated to offer packages that include DEXIS intraoral scanners, SprintRay 3D printers and DTX Studio Clinic software. The companies will work to make their integrated solution more accessible and affordable to dental practices through these packages, facilitating its adoption.

“We are thrilled to work with DEXIS IOS to bring their advanced intraoral scanning technology to our customers,” said Amir Mansouri, co-founder and chief executive officer of SprintRay. “This collaboration will allow dental professionals to create accurate and detailed scans and produce high-quality appliances and restorations in-house with our cutting-edge design services and 3D printers, saving time and improving patient outcomes.”

The arrangement demonstrates the continued commitment of both companies to improving the dental experience for patients and practitioners.

“DEXIS IOS is proud to work with SprintRay and bring our expertise in digital dental imaging to their innovative 3D planning and printing technology,” said Amir Aghdaei, president and CEO of Envista Holdings Corporation. “Our goal is to collaborate to provide comprehensive solutions that improve efficiency, accuracy, and overall patient care.”

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