3Shape, Copenhagen, Denmark, has integrated its TRIOS Orthodontics with EasyRx universal orthodontic lab prescription software.

Orthodontists and labs use EasyRx to create, manage, and submit orthodontic prescriptions. The integration now enables EasyRx users to access TRIOS intraoral scans and related patient metadata on the EasyRx platform.

Using EasyRx’s universal lab prescription workspace, orthodontic professionals can then design and create orthodontic lab prescriptions based on TRIOS digital impressions. The integration also enables labs to match the EasyRx prescription to the patient’s corresponding TRIOS scan.

To send TRIOS digital color impressions to the EasyRx platform, TRIOS users can simply choose the solution from the global solution providers TRIOS connects with already. Likewise, EasyRx prescription lab users can now work totally digitally with orthodontists using TRIOS intraoral scanners.