The latest integration, which comes at the request of users, will automatically link the patient’s EasyRx prescription with supporting Medit scans. 

EasyRx, the universal lab prescription and digital workflow company, announced its integration with the Medit intraoral scanner product line, including the Medit i500 and Medit i700 scanners. 

According to the company, when enabled, Medit scans are automatically attached to the EasyRx prescriptions, linking the patient’s prescription and supporting Medit scans. 

“We are very excited to integrate with the Medit intraoral scanner line. Medit is a great company, and their scanners are world class. Many of our current users have requested the integration, to seamlessly integrate their EasyRx workflow with Medit scans.,” said Todd Blankenbecler, president of EasyRx.

“We are thrilled to integrate with the EasyRx comprehensive lab prescription, digital workflow and 3D software. EasyRx is an integral part of a practice’s digital workflow. Integrating with EasyRx will streamline the practice’s Medit scanning workflow, saving time, reducing errors and improving the patient experience, “said Shawn Kim, Medit Head of Sales.