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Mac-Based Practice-Management Software

Henry Schein Inc, Melville, NY, recently launched Viive, a new practice-management software for Mac-based computers. According to the company, Viive (pronounced “Vive”) features a patient-centric workflow on a simple and clean platform to manage orthodontic practices. The new workflow, using the Mac operating system, provides access to all available management tools directly from one patient screen, eliminating the need to switch between modules when accessing charts or ledgers. Viive uses the PostgreSQL database, which loads information more quickly and synchronizes records in real time. In addition, the same patient record can be updated simultaneously from two locations.

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Product image for Vibrating Retractor.Vibrating Retractor

Reduces Pain from Needle Injections

Practicon, Greenville, NC, now offers the Painless Vibrating Retractor. The retractor is designed to reduce the pain from needle injections while simultaneously retracting cheeks. According to the company, the device’s high-frequency vibrations mask the needle pinch and discomfort due to the Gate Control Theory, where nerve endings sense vibration sensations first. The device can be used in any quadrant. The detachable retractor is steam autoclavable, and the handle may be surface disinfected or covered with a sheath.

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Ortho Solution Software

3Shape, Copenhagen, Denmark, has announced a new digital solution software called TRIOS® for use in orthodontic practices. The TRIOS software will incorporate the company’s Ortho Analyzer software in order to provide orthodontists with the tools for creating digital study models, treatment planning, and case analysis, according to 3Shape. The software will support intraoral scanning and clinical scan-validation, allowing offices to reduce their storage costs and digitally access their case records. Using the digital impression software instead of manual methods can reduce chairtime, increase patient comfort, and result in fewer reimpressions, according to the company.

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Cephalometric X-Ray Analysis Software

Audax, Ljubljana, Slovenia, offers the Ax.CEPH cephalometric x-ray analysis software suite. Ax.CEPH includes tools required for creating cephalometric analyses, superimposition, and planning orthodontic treatment. The software allows users to create different analysis types, either from scratch or from predefined elements, using features for measurements creation, report generation, standard values editing, and export definition. Ax.CEPH can be used in the orthodontic office for patient treatment, as well as for research work and data mining. The software’s interface features multiple language options, using either the Latin or Cyrillic alphabets.

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Product image for Tru-Align.Tru-Align

Laser-Guided Alignment Device

Interactive Diagnostic Imaging (IDI), Atlanta, offers Tru-Align, a laser-guided alignment device for x-ray machines. According to the company, the device can reduce dental radiation by 60% to 70%. The device attaches to the end of traditional and digital x-ray units and uses an internal LED laser to line up the machine with the ring reflector in the mouth to ensure proper alignment. Tru-Align’s shape uses rectangular collimation to reduce scatter radiation and focus the beam of x-rays on the mouth. This technique improves the diagnostic quality of the x-ray image, reduces image “noise,” and reduces the need for retakes, according to IDI. Tru-Align also improves patient safety by eliminating unwanted and repeated exposure to other parts of the body. The device uses common film and sensor holders, and meets the American Dental Association’s “As Low As Reasonably Achievable” (ALARA) radiation principle.

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LED Lamp

Vision USA, Cherry Hill, NJ, offers the Professional Task Vision LED Lamp. With a 5-inch work area, the lamp features a 3X distortion-free glass magnifier and 60 LED lights that, according to the company, never need to be replaced and stay cool. The lamp features a universal screw clamp, allowing it to be installed on any desk or bench. The lamp also includes a 24-inch adjustable extension arm.

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Product image for CinemaPro MED.Cinema ProMED

Immersive 2D and 3D Patient Video System

Total 3D Solutions, Auburn Hills, Mich, offers the Cinema ProMED System. The system offers patients an immersive 2D and 3D video experience while they are in the treatment chair. Patients can watch an assortment of 2D or 3D video content, including movies, TV shows, or informational programs provided by the orthodontist. In addition, patients can connect the system to their personal iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch and watch their own content. The Cinema ProMED system can also be connected to a PC, Mac, handheld touch device, Blu-ray player, or standard DVD player. Total 3D Solutions supplies a list of suggested video content, offers free 3D relaxation videos, and supplies a free 30-day subscription to Netflix with the Cinema ProMED System. Powered by the Carl Zeiss cinemizer OLED, the Cinema ProMED System comes with integrated Sony over-ear headphones that can be sanitized between patients, as well as an Apple connector kit and an optional fourth-generation iPod Touch device for playing digital video. The multimedia video glasses come with a charger and a carrying/storage case.

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