GreatLakes 3Shape TRIOS optGreat Lakes Orthodontics, Tonawanda, NY, has partnered with 3Shape, Copenhagen, Denmark, to offer the TRIOS® Ortho System™. Combining the TRIOS 3D impression solution with 3Shape’s Ortho Analyzer™ software, the system features an open format.

TRIOS Ortho System integrates intraoral 3D scanning, scan validation, and communication capabilities with the orthodontic lab. The included Ortho Analyzer software gives orthodontists the tools to create digital study models from the impression, as well as advanced tools for treatment planning and case analysis.

TRIOS Ultra Fast Optical Sectioning™ technology allows orthodontists to “rapidly and easily achieve highly accurate” scans, according to the company. The system requires no powder and the final 3D digital impression is based on “real” data rather than interpolated artificial surfaces.

TRIOS Ortho System uses an open STL file format.

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