Glidewell partnered with Medit on a new intraoral scanner solution called the Intraoral Scanner.

Glidewell is partnering with Medit, a 3D scanning solutions provider, to introduce the Intraoral Scanner.

Combining the advanced scanning technology of the Medit i700 with a connection to both the In-Office Solution and Glidewell’s dental lab, the is designed for dentists seeking an affordable way to start scanning without disrupting their natural workflow.

The allows dentists to easily submit cases to Glidewell and save $20 or more per unit on restorations. It can also use its open system design to send cases to another lab of choice.

Dentists can upload digital impressions directly to the In-Office Solution to fabricate same-visit BruxZir restorations right in their office.

Like the Medit i700, the scanner features reversible tips, a detachable cable and a built-in UV-C LED disinfecting light to reduce the risk of contamination.

Scanner users will also have access to a suite of proprietary Medit software and popular apps, including Ortho Simulation, Model Builder, and Crown Fit. All programs come pre-installed and fully compatible for use with other CAD/CAM providers.

“At Glidewell we strive to make new technology easy for clinicians to adopt by delivering products that are user-friendly, affordably priced, and backed by manufacturer-direct support,” said Robert Brenneise, vice president of CAD/CAM sales at Glidewell. “In Medit, we found a team of people who share our core values and dedication to improving the lives of dentists and their patients through digital innovations that streamline the restorative workflow.”

The Intraoral Scanner is available in both a wired and wireless version. It can be bundled with a portable cart and laptop or computer that meets the recommended specifications for the best out-of-box experience.

Priced at $18,990, including cart and computer and no monthly subscription or licensing fees, is designed for digital dentistry newcomers and those looking to add more scanners to their office or those seeking a cost-effective upgrade to their current scanner.

The can also be packaged with for $68,985 to deliver same-day BruxZir crowns and other restorations from leading materials.

“One of our primary goals with is to make digital dentistry more accessible and affordable to dentists everywhere,” said Jim Glidewell, founder, and president of Glidewell. “By optimizing for both lab fabrication of restorations and in-office milling, we’re building towards a future where every dentist can control their own restorative workflow—bringing value to the practice and patients alike.”