The AAO is asking members to leave a comment online ahead of the house of delegates meeting at the 2022 Annual Session.

The 2022 American Association of Orthodontists House of Delegates meeting will occur in Miami Beach, Florida, on May 20 and 23 in conjunction with the 2022 Annual Session.

As part of the AAO’s commitment to making governance processes visible, the AAO is enabling members to provide input toward votes that will take place during the HOD meeting, impacting the future of the association.

All members are invited to review and comment on resolutions that will be voted on during the HOD meeting.

All comments posted by noon CDT on May 18 will be considered testimony by the HOD resolution reference committee members.

Proposed resolutions address topics like membership dues, AAO trustee term length, updates to the AAO strategic plan strategy map, and a position statement on open and non-proprietary standards for data interoperability of orthodontic software.

In addition, all AAO members are welcome to observe the HOD meeting in person or via a livestream on the AAO Facebook page.

The HOD meetings will be held at the Miami Beach Convention Center in the Sunset Vista Ballrooms A-C.

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