Midmark has released the Midmark Intraoral Digital Sensor System, an enhanced sensor system that improves image quality and reliability.

Midmark announced the release of the Midmark Intraoral Digital Sensor System, a new digital sensor system designed with enhanced triggering to ensure reliable image capture.

According to Midmark, the system boasts the best line pairs per millimeter on the market (35.7 lp/mm) for superior image quality.

“Reliably capturing high-quality images is the most important attribute of an intraoral digital sensor,” said Mark Greenwood, vice president of imaging product development for Midmark. “At Midmark, we’ve designed a digital sensor system with advanced triggering hardware and algorithms to reduce X-ray doses and produce high-quality images with outstanding resolution when used with any dental X-ray source.”

Other notable features of the new Midmark sensor include:

  • A thin profile, rounded corners and contoured surfaces to optimize patient comfort.
  • Advanced CMOS technology to optimize resolution while reducing noise for sharp, detailed images.
  • A direct USB 2.0 connection for simplified practice integration.

Clinicians can optimize convenience through built-in integration with the Midmark Preva Plus Intraoral X-Ray, which features sensor storage and in-arm cable management.

Midmark Intraoral Digital Sensors are available in 2 sizes to accommodate patient needs and exam requirements. The sensors come with a standard 5-year manufacturer’s limited warranty and 5 years of the Midmark-exclusive Sensor Safe extended care and priority replacement plan.

Photo courtesy of Midmark