LED Medical Diagnostics signed a 1-year distribution agreement with Ray Co Ltd to market the RAYSCAN Alpha-Expert dental imaging system and the RIOSensor intraoral sensor in Canada.

LED Medical Diagnostics Inc, Burnaby, British Columbia, announced that it has signed an exclusive, 1-year distribution agreement with Ray Co Ltd, a subsidiary of Samsung, to market the RAYSCAN Alpha-Expert dental imaging system and the RIOSensor intraoral sensor in Canada.

The RAYSCAN Alpha-Expert is a multifunction, digital, extraoral imaging system featuring 3D cone beam, computed tomography (CBCT), and panoramic and cephalometric capabilities. Images are captured using an optimal field of view, which works for a wide variety of clinical applications. The system’s CMOS and direct deposition cesium iodide (CsI) detector enables practitioners to capture high-quality, 16-bit DICOM images. To minimize error from patient positioning and movement, the system’s focal trough is stabilized and controlled through Adaptive Moving Focus technology. The RAYSCAN Alpha’s exclusive denoising technology can enhance image quality by removing noise that would otherwise blur the image.

The RAYSCAN Alpha-Expert fits into a variety of practice floor plans. The system’s height-adjustment component enables patients of all sizes, including those in wheelchairs, to fit comfortably in the unit, and it utilizes a wireless remote control for patient positioning. LED lights indicate the status of the unit to practitioners at a glance: ready, standby, exposure, and emergency. In addition, the system features a user interface to streamline the capture process and simplify the manipulation of images.

Health Canada recently approved the RIOSensor and RAYSCAN’s Alpha panoramic and cephalometric capabilities; RAYSCAN’s cone beam, computed tomography is expected to gain approval before the end of the year.

The RIOSensor, a high-speed intraoral digital radiography system, will be the first offering LED Medical will distribute as part of the distribution agreement with Ray Co. The RIOSensor is offered in two sizes and delivers high-resolution, intraoral x-ray images with resolution of up to 25 lp/mm.