Ortho2, Ames, Iowa, has released ViewPoint 9, a new version of its practice-management software.

The new version features an improved On-Deck Operatory Display, which now includes a Light Bar system. In addition, Treatment Chart users will now be able to open a patient’s chart as well as other program applications using their fingerprint. ViewPoint 9 also includes integration with DemandForce.

Ortho2’s Edge Imaging and Premier Imaging extension pack are also available for ViewPoint users. The extension pack features card flow presentation, shadow alignment, and unlimited undo. The optional Premier Imaging extension includes new image morphing capabilities.

Users can access Patient Compliance Animations with ViewPoint 9, with the option to add full Edge Animations for treatment, surgical, and 3D animations; annotate and draw functionality; and custom audio narration. ViewPoint users can also upgrade to Edge Reminders, which includes the ability to send text, human voice, and/or e-mail messages without minimum usage fees or long-term contracts.

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