Planmeca Oy, the parent company of the Finnish Planmeca Group, manufacturer of a full line of dental equipment, has signed an equipment delivery agreement with the University of Maryland . Under the agreement, which is worth an estimated $10 million, Planmeca will supply the Baltimore College of Dental Surgery (BCDS) with 324 dental units, including integrated software and digital-imaging equip-ment for educational and clinical use. In addition, Planmeca’s Canadian subsidiary, Triangle Furniture Systems Inc, will supply the university with all the operatory dental cabinets.

“Our software and the digital platform of the dental units enable remote monitoring and management of the units,” says Tuomas Lokki, vice president of marketing and sales at Planmeca. “Moreover, this integrated system provides a means for modern, fact-based interactive tutoring and a centralized advisory system, which is beneficial and cost-efficient in large clinics.”

According to BCDS Dean Christian Stohler, DDS, this generation of students expects education that is integrated into technology.

“They want to have fun at the workplace and at studies, and they are looking for an opportunity to learn at their own pace,” Stohler says. “This is possible in the IT-friendly environment. Our students deserve the best-possible hardware and software, as well as a learning environment where information is available on demand.”