Planmeca USA, Roselle, Ill, has received FDA approval for its ProMax 3D Max imagingsystem, making the system available to the US dental and orthodonticmarket.

The ProMax features ConeBeam technology that allows for full anatomical1-to-1 visualization of anatomy without distortion, according to thecompany.

The ProMax has volume-size selections ranging from 5 cm x 5.5 cm to 23cm x 26 cm. In addition, the ProMax features Planmeca’s SelectivelyCompliant Articulated Robotic Arm technology, allowing for imaginganywhere in the maxillofacial/cranial region.
To minimize exposure of the patient and orthodontic professional toradiation, the ProMax adheres to the company’s "As Low As ReasonablyAchievable" radiation principle.

Planmeca offers ProMax customers local dental dealer support formechanical support; imaging training and remote technical support from aPlanmeca representative; network support from certified local ITcompanies; and monthly online community software and clinical training.

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