PracticeWorks Systems LLC, Atlanta, has updated the KODAK 8000C Digital Panoramic and Cephalometric System. The updated system has a reduced footprint, simplified cephalometric positioning, and improved temporal clamp positioning for panoramic radiography.

The KODAK 8000C System now requires a foot and a half less space to be installed, reducing the dimensions to 7 feet 8.51 inches in width. In addition, the cephalometric head has been redesigned to be smaller to improve positioning and imaging acquisition.

According to the company, the system is the first direct digital cephalometric system to expose all standard cephalometric images using "one-shot" technology, capturing images in less than 2 seconds and reducing blurriness and the risk of retakes.

The connection has been updated to Ethernet, improving transfer time of an image to practice-management software.

Image size, exposure time, and image procedure features remain the same.

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