Tru-Align demonstration.Interactive Diagnostic Imaging (IDI), Atlanta, offers Tru-Align, a laser-guided alignment device for X-ray machines. According to the company, the device can reduce dental radiation by 60% to 70%.

The device attaches to the end of traditional and digital X-ray units and uses an internal LED laser to line up the machine with the ring reflector in the mouth to ensure proper alignment.

Tru-Align’s shape uses rectangular collimation to reduce scatter radiation and focus the beam of X-rays on the mouth. This technique improves the diagnostic quality of the X-ray image, reduces image “noise,” and reduces the need for retakes, according to IDI.

Tru-Align also improves patient safety by eliminating unwanted and repeated exposure to other parts of the body.

The device uses common film and sensor holders and meets the American Dental Association’s “As Low As Reasonably Achievable” (ALARA) radiation principle.

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