Carestream_CS_9600Carestream Dental, Atlanta, has received the Edison Award, for the second year in a row for one of its extraoral imaging systems—this time for the new CS 9600 CBCT system.

Judged by more than 3,000 senior business executives, including past Edison Award winners, marketing professionals, scientists, designers, engineers, and academics, the CS 9600 was awarded the bronze seal in the category of medical/dental diagnostics.

The Edison Awards annually honor companies that carry on Thomas Edison’s legacy and recognize innovative products, services, and business leaders in the world.

According to Carestream Dental, the CS 9600 was built to reduce errors in positioning that can result in unusable images that then require patients needing to be exposed to more radiation during a second exam. The CS 9600 features video cameras, not lasers, to provide live positioning feedback on the built-in SmartPad. Moreover, the technology provides interactive guides that are superimposed onto an image of the patient’s face, so users can properly position them on the first try. Interactive positioning accessories also alert users if the wrong accessory is inserted for the type of exam indicated.

The CS 9600 has a 120 kV high-power generator and can capture images at a dose equivalent to the standard 90 kV acquisition, while also reportedly increasing image quality. The system also includes the company’s patented metal artifact reduction algorithms—CS MAR. Doctors are able to compare images live with and without a filter.

The CS 9600 also features CS Face Scan. The software provides realistic 3D facial photos and automatically superimposes them over the CBCT image. These images are intended to help the patient better understand proposed treatment plans and can be used to aid in case acceptance. In addition, the system includes CS UpStream, an advanced monitoring system that tracks and records the CS 9600’s historical use which is helpful should the practice ever require support for the CBCT system.

This is the company’s third Edison Award for innovation. Carestream Dental’s CS 8100SC 3D imaging system received a bronze Edison Award in 2018 and the CS 3500 intraoral scanner received a bronze Edison Award in 2015.