The system, launched in 2018, can be used for a number of clinical procedures from implants to guided surgery to orthodontic. 

Carestream Dental is marking the installation of 1,000 CS 9600 CBCT systems. According to the company, the CS 9600 can be used for almost all clinical procedures from implants to guided surgery to orthodontic procedures. 

The system, launched in 2018, features 120 kV imaging for increased image quality; 14 fields of view, ranging from 4 cm x 4cm to 16 cm x 17 cm; and Live Positioning Assistant. In addition, algorithms that reduce metal artifacts—CS MAR— are included to improve images. The unit, which was designed to be scalable, also includes AI-powered patient positioning that automatically detects and races the Frankfort plane to aid with proper positioning, as well as video camera assistance and face-to-face positioning to aid with patient alignment—reducing the risk of retakes. 

The CS 9600 is the first of Carestream Dental’s systems to feature CS UpStream, which turns the system into a connected device. Data from the machine is reportedly monitored constantly and sent back to the company. Should there be an issue with the system, technicians can review the CS 9600’s historical performance and find solutions sooner. 

In 2020, a Scan Ceph module was launched, allowing users to add an orthodontic feature to the system. Once a cephalometric image is captured, the company’s auto-tracing feature automatically recognizes anatomical structures and reportedly traces them in a few seconds.