MacPractice, Lincoln, Neb, has launched new iPad integration solutions that allow orthodontists to use all MacPractice products on Apple’s latest innovation, the iPad.

The new iPad interface solutions leverage collaborative technologies to make the total functionality of MacPractice available on an iPad, including EMR, prescriptions, and e-Prescribe. The new MacPractice for iPad portal provides a complete guide to deploying and using the iPad with MacPractice.

The MacPractice iPad interface enables orthodontists to Access MacPractice from anywhere within the office. Data can entered directly into MacPractice, eliminating the need to synchronize the iPad with the computer.

Users can also access MacPractice from outside the office on an iPad, and multiple users can simultaneously access MacPractice on a single computer from numerous iPads. Through collaboration with Aqua Connect, MacPractice for iPad allows multiple users to access the MacPractice system on a single machine at the same time, with local sound and audio support, as well as built-in encryption that satisfies HIPAA guidelines.

The new system allows practices to use an iPad for patient registration and to take complete medical EMR questionnaires. Orthodontists can also chart restorative and periodontal conditions and treatment on an iPad and review x-rays with patients.