The device innovates oral care for patients who have completed orthodontic treatment and provides a revenue generating opportunity for orthodontic practices.

Fresh Health recently launched the Proclaim Custom-Jet Oral Irrigator at the AAO Annual Session in Chicago. Featuring a customized mouthpiece with up to 60 pressurized jets, the device brings innovation to the oral care at home space. What’s more, the custom mouthpiece provides a revenue generating opportunity for orthodontic practices. To learn more, Orthodontic Products spoke to Herbie Calves, the company’s CEO.

Orthodontic Products: How does Proclaim change oral care at home?

Herbie Calves: Proclaim Custom-Jet Oral Health System is the world’s first and only oral health innovation to fully customize and automate the process of cleaning between the teeth and below the gumline. By combining the latest in digital intraoral scanning, 3D printing, and advanced fluid dynamics to design and produce a custom mouthpiece—unique to each user’s dentition—we are able to deliver a more convenient, efficient, effective, and enjoyable user experience and a more precise, professional-level clean.

OP: Why this product now?

Calves: An innovation in the oral care space is long overdue. In fact, there haven’t been any new developments in decades, despite the fact that nearly half of all Americans have some form of gum disease, and as you look toward adults over 65, that number rises to 70%. Typically this is caused by an incomplete, irregular, or non-existent oral care routine. Additionally, consumers are craving customization more than ever before, demanding products and experiences tailored specifically to their needs and inspiring brands like Proclaim to push the envelope of innovation and provide precision healthcare at home. We introduced Proclaim to give people an easier and more enjoyable way to improve the health of their smile and take steps toward a healthier lifestyle.

OP: Proclaim has been the subject of a clinical study. What do the results say?

Calves: A recent peer-reviewed study shows use of this transformative at-home device—paired with daily brushing for a more complete oral care routine—can significantly improve gum health by removing bacteria and reducing inflammation, leading to a healthier, more beautiful smile.
In just 30 days of active use, study participants showed: 82% reduction in gum bleeding, 41% reduction in gum inflammation and 34% reduction in plaque compared to their baseline numbers. Results also showed Proclaim was 10x more effective for reducing gum bleeding, 12.8x more effective for reducing gum inflammation and 7.9x more effective in reducing plaque buildup—compared to daily brushing and string flossing.

OP: The custom mouthpiece requires an in-person intraoral scan. How can orthodontists benefit from this?

Calves: By recommending Proclaim to patients in retention and completing their intraoral scan, orthodontists can create another touch point with their patients and help cultivate a positive, long-lasting relationship.

Orthodontists can set their practices apart and empower patients by offering the latest breakthrough in daily care that will help them establish healthier oral care habits they can actually stick to. This new innovation helps orthodontists utilize their existing intraoral scanner to create a new revenue stream, and healthier teeth and gums means less time in the chair and more efficient patient visits. Not only that, but happy, healthy patients that use Proclaim will be talking to others, helping drive patient referrals to their practices. The best part is that all they have to do is recommend Proclaim, take their intraoral scan, and drag and drop the files to Proclaim Connect. We take care of everything else, including patient ordering and payment details; shipping directly to your patient’s doorstep; and tracking cases and facilitating payouts to your practice.

OP: Who should orthodontists recommend this product to?

Calves: Although Proclaim is not designed for patients in active orthodontic treatment, those patients can greatly benefit from the system after their treatment is complete. As both orthodontists and patients know, it can take a lot of time and effort to achieve a beautiful smile, and Proclaim can help maintain that investment for the long term.

OP: What was your takeaway from the launch at the AAO meeting?

Calves: Orthodontists were eager to learn about Proclaim’s breakthrough technology and appreciated a meaningful way to help their patients and build their reputation after treatment. Many were interested in a solution for teens while in treatment with brackets and wires but quickly saw the opportunity for their adult patients after a clear aligner program. In fact, in Proclaim’s 2022 segmentation study with 1,600 participants, these patients had a 74% purchase interest for Proclaim after being exposed to pricing.