DentalEz SalesToolsappDentalEZ, Malvern, Pa, recently expanded the availability of its Sales Tools application, which allows orthodontic professional to obtain more information about DentalEZ products and services using a mobile device. The Sales Tools application, which was previously available to all iPhone® and iPad® users, is now available on all Android™ mobile devices.

The application provides access to informational material, including an event calendar, product literature, images, and catalog pages for the company’s products and brands, including StarDental®, DentalEZ, CustomAir®, RAMVAC®, and NevinLabs™. App users are also able to share the information with others by emailing PDFs of the available product literature and images.

In addition, a new “How-To” section was added to the application. This section offers access to the company’s many “How-To” instructional videos for each DentalEZ brand, plus its most-viewed product manuals.

The app is free of charge and available to all Android users through Google play. The app is also available for free to iPhone and iPad users through Apple’s iTunes App Store.

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