Imaging Sciences International, Hatfield, Penn, and Dolphin Imaging, Chatsworth, Calif, are offering a free, 60-day trial of the Dolphin Imaging software with the purchase of an i-CAT®.

New and existing i-CAT customers are eligible to receive a package of Dolphin software modules, which includes 3D, Ceph Tracing, ImagingPlus™, and AnywhereDolphin.com. The package is retail priced at more than $14,000.

i-CAT 3D images are loaded into Dolphin for accurate analysis and presentation of craniofacial anatomy. Volumetric case presentation and treatment analysis can then be performed using the Dolphin software.

“With this unique configuration, i-CAT users can experience first-hand how Dolphin Imaging transforms complex volumetric scans to manageable data with a single, easy-to-use application,” said Chester Wang, director of Dolphin Imaging and Management Solutions. “Marrying Dolphin with the clinically proven imaging powers of i-CAT offers a smooth transition into 3-D dentistry."
During the trial period, customers are encouraged to try all functions of the software and access Dolphin’s 24/7 customer support. Customers who wish to continue to use the software after the trial period will receive special pricing for the package.

[Imaging Sciences International, August 16, 2007]