Patterson_Fuse_softwarePatterson Dental, St Paul, Minn, announced the release of its new cloud-based practice management software, Fuse. The software, which is designed to centralize all scheduling, patient information, and practice data to be accessible anywhere in real time, is now available for customer licensing.

The browser-based practice management application is designed for both single and multi-location offices, and provides administrative, operational, and business functionality for the practice.

Fuse features include centralized and streamlined reporting, scheduling, and patient data that connects multiple locations via a single database; and an intuitive interface, with navigation functions that provide the ability to see patients’ full history, including clinical notes, treatment plans, clinical forms, clinical documents, and images. The software also includes “smart screens” which allow users to view, filter, and act on real-time patient information from a single screen. Users can toggle between locations to locate any patient record through a search bar. Fuse also includes a custom on boarding feature. The dedicated Customer Success Manager guides customers through a personalized on boarding plan that includes data migration, training, and practice adoption.

Other standard features included in the software include cloud 2D digital imaging/radiography, administrative, scheduling and charting functionality, dashboards, eClaims, and ePrescriptions.

The company offers ongoing training and support in-person, remotely, or as a self-guided function through the software.

According to the company, Fuse is designed to adapt to a practice’s needs and has the ability to add other eService offerings, including an insurance suite with real-time eligibility, online attachments, and electronic remittance advice, as well as a marketing suite that automates patient marketing, communication, and education. Additionally, Patterson Dental says Fuse was “built for flexibility to enable ongoing integration with new software and technology as a practice changes and grows.”