Aligner_ConciergeAligner Concierge, San Antonio, Tex, offers a clear aligner treatment planning service for orthodontists.

Through the Aligner Concierge service, an orthodontist submits a treatment plan that is then reviewed by one of the service’s orthodontists who identifies and modifies the case in accordance with the submitting orthodontist’s preferences. Once the case is marked as planned and reviewed, it is returned to the submitting orthodontist’s inbox and ready for their approval.

The typical turnover time for a case is 24 hours.

The service is intended to help improve clinical efficiency by decreasing the time spent modifying treatment plans. Aligner Concierge follows a systemic method for case review based on the clinical preferences specified by the treating orthodontist. The methodology reportedly follows a series of repeatable steps to ensure consistency and accuracy.

The service is currently offering customers a free enhancement on up to five cases on a trial basis, according to a press release.