St-Louis optAs part of its orthodontics continuing education program, Opal Orthodontics, South Jordan, Utah, is offering a 2-day diagnosis, treatment planning, and treatment mechanics course in St Louis, September 20 to 21, 2013. The course will be led by Richard P. McLaughlin, DDS.

With an emphasis on the importance of diagnosis and treatment planning, the course will look at the three groups of cases presenting to the orthodontic practice—ie, nonsurgical cases, surgical, and difficult “borderline” nonsurgical-versus-surgical cases. In each situation, the most ideal facial result for the patient is established, including the chosen upper and lower incisor position.

During the course, comments will be made concerning history and record-taking. The three aspects of the clinical exam—evaluation of the TMJs, the face, and the dentition—will be reviewed. Diagnosis and treatment planning concerning these three areas will be discussed with a number of case presentations. This course closely coincides with the material covered in the textbook Facial and Dental Planning for Orthodontists and Oral Surgeons, written by G. William Arnett, DDS, FACD, and McLaughlin.