A partnership between SoftSmile and Dental Axess will bring the Vision treatment planning software to the Xflow platform.

SoftSmile announced a partnership with Dental Axess, a global digital dentistry solution provider. SoftSmile’s AI-driven clear aligner treatment planning software, Vision, will now be offered through Dental Axess which will integrate Vision into its cloud-based data and workflow management platform Xflow.

“We are proud to announce the partnership with Dental Axess, an innovative marketplace, allowing us to reach their outstanding customers,” said Khamzat Asabaev, chief executive officer and founder of SoftSmile. “With the integration of Vision and Xflow, more doctors and patients will get access to best-in-class orthodontic treatment – the goal SoftSmile and Dental Axess share.”

The collaboration creates a new avenue for SoftSmile’s market expansion and amplifies the brand’s global presence within the dental and orthodontic industry. SoftSmile’s commitment to enhancing the user experience through Vision’s AI-automated clear aligner treatment planning software with life-like visuals can bring time and cost savings to Dental Axess customers.

One of the key highlights of the partnership is the introduction of SoftSmile design services and CAD software for clear aligner treatment to the Dental Axess’ platform. The end-to-end solution empowers users to optimize workflow for both tracking outsourced designs and in-house designs, providing a complete and streamlined experience – regardless of whether they choose to outsource fabrication or do it in-house.

And by integrating Vision into Xflow, it facilitates a seamless scan-to-design and fabrication workflow via web-based technology – orthodontic professionals can manage their complete digital workflow, including communication, case approval from doctors, and manufacturing all in one place.

“Dental Axess has consistently pioneered digitalization in the dental industry and we are excited to bring Vision onboard to continue to enhance the digital experience for orthodontic professionals,” said Per Claesson, co-founder and CEO of Dental Axess.