SoftSmile launched the Vision Web Portal, an interactive case management system to help doctors manage clear aligner cases.

SoftSmile has launched the Vision Web Portal, an interactive case management system designed to help doctors and manufacturers holistically generate and oversee clear aligner cases all in one place.

“Our vision has always been to deliver the most comprehensive solution to doctors and patients. Everything we do works toward the day when orthodontic treatment will be affordable,” said Khamzat Asabaev, chief executive officer and founder of SoftSmile. “SoftSmile is an integral part of the future of orthodontics, and the Vision Web Portal is yet another step towards our mission.”

The new web portal offers several key benefits, including:

  • 360-degree project management: The comprehensive system streamlines the complexities of each patient case from pre-processing to final export. Doctors and manufacturers have complete control over workflows and can assign personnel different roles, permissions, and tasks. A bird’s eye view status bar for every case allows users to quickly check the progress of treatment plans.
  • Streamlined workflow: The portal automates workflows and increases collaboration among technicians and doctors with step-by-step guidance, notifying users when one phase is completed and is ready for the next. This automation reduces time spent on treatment planning, and doctors can now reinvest in quality time with patients, enhancing care and improving treatment outcomes.
  • Fully customizable and flexible: The portal eliminates repeat manual input with the option to save treatment preferences and company protocols. When technicians receive a case, they know exactly how to set up the treatment plan based on the doctor’s directive. The Vision Web Portal is user-friendly, requiring no special skills or knowledge. It is also flexible and can plug into any existing workflow as needed.
  • Increased patient visibility: Patients can view their treatment plan, including before-and-after images, to better understand their treatment process and visualize the results. The web viewer, designed so that doctors can share the treatment plan strategy with patients and colleagues, is integrated into the Web Portal. This will increase patient engagement and satisfaction.
  • Only pay for what you need: The Vision Web Portal is helping doctors reduce operating costs by offering an affordable solution – doctors only pay per case – with no hidden or monthly fees.

To coincide with the Vision Web Portal, SoftSmile plans to launch educational resources for current and prospective clients. In addition, the new portal launch came when SoftSmile achieved a record-breaking number of cases treated using Vision, with more than 50,000 patients treated to date.

Image courtesy of SoftSmile