When planning your cases, the right software can make all the difference in an efficient appointment, fluid case progression, and a successful outcome. Here are 10 treatment planning software options currently on the market. 

ClinCheck Pro 6.0 Treatment Planning Software

ClinCheck Pro 6.0 treatment planning software from Align Technology provides cloud-based flexibility anywhere, on any device. The powerful ClinCheck “In-Face” Visualization tool helps patients visualize treatment outcomes using their photos and 3D models, and 3D Controls allow doctors to modify treatment plans without the need to rely on notes to the technician.

For more information, visit aligntech.com.

EasyRx Practice

EasyRx is a Comprehensive Case Management and 3D software designed to ensure every case is delivered on schedule and accurate, establishing the highest level of patient care. EasyRx allows you to submit to any commercial or in-house lab, manage and track all patient cases, and streamline your digital workflow. Edit 3D/STL files prepping them for printing.

For more information, visit easyrxcloud.com.


VISION is the AI-powered digital treatment planner by SoftSmile. The software’s advanced algorithms and interface ensure speed, precision, and control throughout the treatment planning process. VISION allows doctors to be independent during every step of  treatment planning and offers flexibility in aligner manufacturing.

For more information, visit softsmile.com.

SmileShare Treatment Planning & Case Management Software

Treatment planning meets innovation. SmileShare Clear Aligners, a DynaFlex exclusive, are powered by state-of-the-art treatment planning and case management software that offers hands-on customization options, including tooth movements and attachment modifications. This free software is supported by a highly trained team of treatment planners with unmatched customer service and based in the USA. 

For more information, visit dynaflex.com/smileshare-about.

uDesign Treatment Planning Software

AI-based uDesign from uLab Systems has automatic tooth segmentation and identification, guided setup, and 1-touch bracket removal so you can create and approve treatment plans in as few as 10 minutes. Orthodontists control staging, velocity, attachments, and trimline. Compatible with most scanners, no printer required if ordering uSmile aligners. No subscription fee.

For more information, visit ulabsystems.com.

Dolphin Management Treatment Plans

Customize individual treatment plans for your patients with Dolphin Management Treatment Plans. Choose from predefined global treatment plans, or build a new plan for each patient. Treatment Plans include sequencing, number of visits, procedures, internal visit notes, and more. Plan progress is displayed in Treatment Card, allowing you to quickly monitor the course of each patient’s treatment.

For more information, visit dolphinimaging.com.

Edge Cloud

Ortho2 Edge Cloud delivers premium practice management, imaging, and communication solutions. Edge Cloud features truly optimized, private Cloud Computing, comprehensive management, imaging, patient reminders, education animations, morphing, cephalometric tracing, doctor and patient apps, a pediatric dentistry module, and more. Ortho2 is a leader in orthodontic practice management solutions for orthodontists.

For more information, visit ortho2.com.

Studio Pro 4.0 Treatment Planning Software for Reveal Clear Aligners

Studio Pro 4.0: Elevate your Aligner Workflow. Henry Schein Orthodontics offers its entirely new and robust treatment planning software for Reveal Clear Aligners. Now available in the DDX Digital Dental Exchange, the Studio Pro 4.0 platform provides clear aligner practitioners with enhanced virtual setup tools to visualize, customize, and communicate treatment plans designed to achieve predictable tooth movement. 

For more information, visit revealclearaligners.com/studiopro or henryscheinortho.com.

3M Oral Care Portal

The 3M Oral Care Portal is an open software platform designed to streamline patient treatment planning and ordering with flexibility and choice at every step. The comprehensive platform empowers offices to confidently design, analyze, and refine custom treatment options—giving practitioners the control to do their best work.  

For more information, visit 3m.com.

Visual Orthodontics/Visual Practice

Integration. Automation. Simplicity. Visual Orthodontics from Practice Visual enables you to see more patients with superior outcomes and less resources. Cloud-based, the platform weaves and links your practice’s entire value chain into seamless end-to-end workflows. Scheduling wizards. Patient self-service. Sophisticated charting & planning. Fast 2D and 3D imaging. Claims. Financials. And much more.

For more information, visit practicevisual.com.

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