NoSweat’s disposable face shield liners alleviate fogging and sweat issues and add padding to face shields.

The combination of wearing a face shield with a mask and physical activity can cause sweat and fogging.

NoSweat created a disposable liner for face shields that absorb sweat to prevent fogging, odors, stains, and acne issues.

NoSweat’s liners are designed to be thin and fit in most brands and makes of face shields and visors.

The adhesive liners stick to the forehead band of the face shield and absorb sweat with the company’s Dri-LID technology.

NoSweat liners are hypoallergenic, and each one absorbs over 2 ounces of sweat.

Once used, the liners are disposable and can be quickly replaced with a fresh liner. NoSweat liners also provide extra padding for the forehead, reducing pressure and improving comfort.

By preventing sweat and odor, the liners also help extend the life of face shields.

Photo courtesy of NoSweat