PracticeWorks LLC, Atlanta, has partnered with David Sarver, DMD, MS (pictured at left), to develop the new KODAK ORTHOTRAC Sarver Module, designed to help orthodontic clinicians assess both functional and aesthetic needs while keeping patient goals in mind.
The ORTHOTRAC Sarver Module incorporates facial aesthetics into treatment planning using two components. The Sarver Esthetic Evaluation Module is used for databasing during the initial patient examination and uses ORTHOTRAC software to address patient needs, assess functional and aesthetic issues, and take facial measurements. The Sarver Esthetic Analysis Module digitizes the macro-, mini-, and microesthetic features of a patient’s face, further breaking down proportionality. Once the image is digitized, it can be shared with patients and referrals as an educational and treatment supplement.
The Sarver Esthetic Evaluation Module is part of KODAK’s orthodontic imaging software and requires the imaging software and analysis module.
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