Smart Outcomes for Smart Office allows orthodontists to create mix-and-match pricing bundles for aligner treatment.

uLab Systems announced Smart Outcomes for a Smart Office, a flexible platform designed for orthodontists, offering a cost-effective tool to create bespoke aligner treatments for each patient.

“The core of our mission has been to offer a platform designed specifically for the orthodontist, with tools to treat every type of case, including comprehensive aligner cases, and hybrid, finishing, and relapse cases, without pricing limitations,” says Amir Abolfathi, chief executive officer of uLab. “Orthodontists can order uSmile aligners from our facility in Memphis or print them in their own office. The release of our new mix-and-match pricing bundles brings the ‘smart’ platform full circle.”

Smart Outcomes for a Smart Office are designed to improve workflow flexibility. Treatment planning assistance provides orthodontists with customized support, allowing doctors to make minor adjustments themselves rather than requesting a revision from the service team.

Three quarters of uAssist cases are accepted by the orthodontist after one round of planning and 9 out of 10 are accepted on the second round, according to uLab. uAssist plans are generated within 3 business days, with an average turnaround time of 21 hours, according to the company.

Mix-and-match bundles and a la carte pricing options can help orthodontists save money and practice branding lets orthodontists choose custom packaging options to differentiate their practice.

Upcoming updates will encompass additional AI-driven utilities alongside a user-friendly web interface that integrates simplified prescription forms for seamless submission to the uAssist service, according to uLab.