Proclaim is seeking dental professionals to trial its Custom-Jet Oral Irrigator, designed to give patients personalized deep cleaning at home.

Customized preventative health company Proclaim, is calling for tech-forward dental practices to sign up to trial its breakthrough medical device, the Custom-Jet Oral Irrigator.

The Custom-Jet Oral Irrigator is a personalized and fully automated solution to provide users with a deep clean at home.

Utilizing digital intraoral scanning – facilitated through Proclaim dental partners – and advanced 3D-printing technology, Proclaim designs each patient’s custom mouthpiece with up to 60 precisely-placed pressurized jets along both facial and lingual interproximal sites.

The jets send pulsing water between the teeth and below the gumline, providing a deep-clean at the push of a button. Unlike existing manual solutions, the Custom-Jet Oral Irrigator was specially designed to offer patients a more sustainable and easier way to improve and maintain their oral health care habits at home, resulting in better preventative care.

Clinical trial patients using Proclaim showed significant reductions in plaque accumulation, gingival inflammation and bleeding, and improvements in both pocket depth and bleeding on probing compared to traditional tooth brushing and flossing, according to Proclaim. After 30 days of use, the overall results showed 82% reduction in gingival bleeding, 41% reduction in gingival inflammation, 23% reduction in pocket depth and 34% reduction in plaque accumulation.

Once a patient purchases Proclaim online, they are prompted to schedule an appointment for an intraoral scan at a dental partner location near them to create a 3D-printed custom mouthpiece. Once complete, the mouthpiece and Custom-Jet Oral Irrigator are shipped directly to the patient for immediate use.

For a limited time, Proclaim is offering trial devices of the Custom-Jet Oral Irrigator for dental professionals. Learn more about becoming a Proclaim partner and sign up for your chance to receive an exclusive trial device at

Photo courtesy of Proclaim