Intiveo Global Insights offer advanced performance analytics specifically designed for DSOs and multi-location group practices.

Intiveo announced the launch of Intiveo Global Insights, advanced analytics tailored for dental service organizations (DSOs) and multi-location group practices.

Intiveo’s patient engagement technology already offers unparalleled patient service to dental practices by streamlining front office workflows, centralizing patient engagement and communication management. With its new Global Insights analytics, it gives DSOs and multi-location practices a holistic view into actionable insights, further allowing them to optimize operations and provide a superior patient engagement experience.

“We truly understand and recognize the unique challenges and complexities faced by DSOs and multi-location practices and are passionate about providing innovative and groundbreaking solutions to our customers,” said Josh deVries, co-founder and chief executive officer of Intiveo. “With the launch of our new Global Insights, we are catering to the expansive and intricate dynamics of these dental operations to help them provide a consistent patient experience across all their practices, whether they have dozens or hundreds of locations.”

Global Insights seamlessly integrates with customers’ current Intiveo subscription, providing an enhanced analytics suite, other benefits include:

  • Comprehensive performance analytics: Access to a range of performance metrics and insights, offering a holistic view of operations across all locations.
  • Analytics-informed strategies: Dynamic dashboard widgets, in-depth reports, and granular insights put actionable data right at the fingertips of stakeholders.
  • Global access: Offers a single login to easily access practice data across multiple regions and groups.
  • Unified data aggregation: Capability to pull and synchronize data from various Practice Management Systems (PMS) databases, centralizing it into one accessible hub
  • Competitive Advantage: Through enhanced insights into confirmation rates and trends, optimize patient interactions and refine operational strategies, culminating in a superior patient experience.
  • Intuitive Interface: A user-friendly dashboard ensures that data, no matter how complex, is easily understandable and actionable for all team members.
  • Security and Reliability: Offers a highly secure, HIPAA-compliant platform.

Intiveo’s Global Insights is now available for all Intiveo customers.