Weave announced the addition of AI-driven voicemail transcriptions to its Phones offering.

Now available to Weave’s customers, Voicemail Transcription will enhance Weave Phones by automatically transcribing voicemails from patients, allowing for efficient, visible, and private reading experiences of voicemails.

With this update, users will now see the voicemail transcription on the SMS & Email Notification page, improving overall user experience by making it faster to consume messages without having to listen to the audio, which can often be difficult in busy settings.

“AI has exploded in popularity over the past year, and we’re taking steps to ensure Weave is delivering state of the art offerings that empower our customers to enhance patient experiences and deliver top of the line care,” said Branden Neish, chief product and technology officer at Weave. “AI will only continue to grow in popularity and daily use, which will have a transformative impact on the future of the healthcare industry. Weave customers that have already implemented AI into their practices claim they save an average of an hour a day with the technology.”

Weave has made use of AI to enhance several features designed to help healthcare providers deliver quality care and improve patient experiences. Voicemail Transcription follows various AI-driven features that Weave has launched in recent months, including Email Assistant and Response Assistant.

In a new customer and consumer report conducted by Weave, the company found that people are accepting of AI in healthcare settings and they see it leading to enhanced care and patient experiences. The majority of consumers (65%) were open to providers using AI tools in their practices. The report also found that consumers and providers were aligned with how they think AI will impact the healthcare industry, with two in three consumers (67%) and 3 in 4 (75%) healthcare providers believing that AI is likely to become a prevalent tool in healthcare.