In our April/May issue, we profile John Graham, DDS, MD.

Here, Graham, who is in private practice at Graham Orthodontics in Salt Lake City, talks to Orthodontic Products about how his adoption of Henry Schein Orthodontics Minimum Touch Orthodontics (MTO) System has impact his workflow and case management. The MTO System is premised on the idea that with the right appliances and new technology, orthodontic treatment does not need to infringe on patients’ valuable time. Key to this system is the Carriere Motion 3D Appliance. Graham talks about how this appliance impacts his cases and how it allows him to progress patients through treatment more quickly with better results.

What’s more, Graham shares how he has implemented remote monitoring—the other key bedrock of the MTO System. He talks about his practice’s workflow and how patients have responded to the technology. HINT: They’re quite happy to not have to come into the practice for wire checks.

In closing, Graham shares not only his thoughts on how the orthodontic profession has evolved but where it is going and what excites him about the future. OP

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